What is Dance Positive?
It's a sweaty, fat positive mood boost!

You know how they say you should 'dance like nobody's watching'? Well, they're not and you should.

These classes use the Zumba® format, which means I cue the moves on the fly in a predictable, repetitive pattern. We dance to roughly 15 tracks over an hour from warm-up to cool-down, with faster cardio and slower toning tracks alternated. The approach is dive right in and style out mistakes your own way, rather than practicing a block of moves over and over to hone accuracy and technique.

The aim is to foster a safer environment for people with all kinds of bodies to get a dance buzz in an accepting, supportive environment.

Please read our safer space policy before you come along.

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The world can make it difficult just to exist for people whose bodies or choices don't conform to the dominant norm. This class requires you to examine your behaviour to avoid unintentional harm.

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Watch videos

There are some videos of routines and steps on Helen's YouTube channel so that devoted regulars can try out the moves at home. No practice required, though!

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Want to learn more?

The most frequently asked questions are answered at the page linked below.

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