What to wear and bring.
[No need for expensive gear.]

You just need to wear something loose and supportive/comfortable enough to move and jump in.

Remember that our safer spaces policy asks that you neither wear any offensive text or graphics, nor discuss the appearance of other members of the class.

You're going to sweat, so bring a towel and plenty of water. You might want to tie back long hair if it gets in your way.

Let's twist!

Your shoes should have a smooth enough tread to let your feet twist and pivot. The soles on brand new running trainers are designed to support only forward movement, so avoid those.

Very worn trainers, split-sole shoes or even plimsolls have been known to work a treat.

What they say

Find out what regulars have to say about how and why the dance class suits them.

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Listen to the music

The most important part of the experience is the music. Here are some of the tunes Helen uses in Leeds classes.

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See the FAQs

Want to learn more? The most frequently asked questions are answered at the page linked below.

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