The word on the dance floor

Some class-goers have been kind enough to offer these words about Helen's Zumba® classes.
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Victoria says..

“ Attending Zumba classes has made me a more confident person, I've also been surprised at just how outgoing I can be! I love doing all the silly stuff at the classes and Helen's enthusiasm every week pushes me to try and not just be a better dancer but also put more of my personality into the routines.

You don't have to be the best dancer in the world but just have a willingness to have fun! No matter what sort of a day I've had it always lifts my mood to attend. ”

Bexx says..

“ Zumba class with Helen has improved not only my fitness but has increased my self confidence and helped massively with my social anxiety and depression. ”

Helen says...

“ I come from a dance background and I'm used to being in a dance class where the atmosphere is very serious with a focus on perfection. Zumba with Helen is the complete opposite; the focus of every class is on having fun.

I've learnt not to care (as much) about making mistakes, and just dance for the love of dancing. I leave every class exhausted, sweaty and very very happy. ”

Teresa says...

“ Zumba is the BEST way to burn off the stresses of the day. The joy is infectious... always leave feeling happy. ”

Cherry Tuesday says...

“ I would recommend Helen's Zumba class to everyone! It lifts your mood like nothing else if you've had a bad day/week/month!
There is a real community spirit, of support and having fun together-it's feel such a safe space to express yourself, whatever your size, shape or dancing ability! I love my weekly fix! ”

Katharine says..

“ I have struggles with my mental health and going to Helen's classes is a great tonic - I get to dance and laugh and after every class I feel stronger and happier. I miss it when I can't go! ”

Claire says...

“ I was only saying at the weekend how much better I feel since starting Zumba. I'm fitter and leaner but I feel good about me. It's great to come along and dance away my frustrations. And bearing in mind the hard time I've has recently the Zumba and my Zumba family have had a really positive effect on my mood and wellbeing.

I highly recommend it. Not just to get fit but for personal fulfilment and growth. ”

Angela says...

“ Zumba gives you a real buzz! Both during and after. Come along, join the party for the feel good factor! ”

Siân says..

“ Helen's classes are always enjoyable and are always such a relief after a long hard day, to come in and let all the feelings loose by a good boogie!

Helen is a very motivational person and sheds so much positivity which influences everyone in the room and fills them with positivity too. ”

Kristin says...

“ If you are considering Zumba, stop considering and press the book now button - you have no idea what you are missing. This is no ordinary Zumba class, this is Helen's Zumba class, which is always full of energy, attitude and a lot of laughs.

This is an opportunity to be a part of a miniature dancing family... If you haven't been to one of Helen's classes or even tried Zumba it has to be an absolute must and on your list of priorities to do. ”

Kayleigh says...

“ No matter what the day has thrown at me, Helen's class is the perfect way to unwind and destress. I have often had bad days where I've just wanted to go home and find the couch, but after zumba my mood is completely changed for the better!

The more stress, the harder I work to shake it all off! I definitely recommend her class and defy anybody to attend and not feel better for doing so! Thanks Helen! ”

Claire says..

“I was a little unsure of what to expect when I went to my first zumba class. Was it all going to be people in leotards, perfectly dancing to some latin beats? WRONG! (although you can if you want to).

Helen is a great instructor, she builds steps and routines up gradually so people like me who haven't danced for years (apart from at the student union) can actually easily follow and feel they've achieved something.
It's a GREAT way to keep fit and 'shake your booty'! ;0)”

Hannah says...

“ I look forward to zumba every week, Helen is always bubbly, enthusiastic and gets you shaking your hips! I always leave with a smile on my face. ”

Sue and friends say..

“ We LOVE your Zumba classes. We call it our happy class cos that's just what it makes us feel. Totally feel good class and good for you too. ”

Julie says..

“Zumba with Helen is not exercise it is fun! It does not matter what sort of day I have had, I always come out with a smile on my face. Helen's classes make me feel awesome!”

Hilary says..

“It's physical sunshine!”

Michelle says...

“Helen's passion and enthusiasm is infectious, makes everyone smile. Uplifting!”

Unity says..

“Just what I needed to forget I am 72 today.”

Emma says..

“It's great after a stressful day at work: good fun and good for you!”

Carol says..

“Zumba has helped me keep fit. It's fun and I enjoy it! Better than the gym.”

Lissy says..

“Zumba makes me happy! :)
It's a great way to keep fit and meet people in a new area.
Helen and the whole class are really friendly.”