Let's try to make this a positive space

The goal is to foster a supportive, fat-positive, gender neutral, LGBTQ-friendly environment for everyone who takes part.
Some of the dancing is suggestive and while I try to avoid the most heinous of modern music/artists, some of the lyrical content may be questionable (but I will remove any track or move you tell me you find unacceptable).
It's unlikely any space will feel 100% safe for everybody all the time, but this is an attempt to reduce the incidence of harmful events for all.
To that end, I ask that you take careful note of points below when in class.

Offensive language

Language, behaviour and slogans that are offensive to members of marginalised groups are not acceptable, so there is no place for racism, sexism, disablism, classism, fatphobia, transphobia, biphobia or homophobia in class.

Diet talk

Please refrain from discussing diets, food or weight. People come to class for a variety of reasons but these topics can be triggering so we ask that you avoid them. This also includes health- or concern-trolling.

Gender and sexuality

Please don't comment on someone's gender or sexuality and please use inclusive language (non-gendered, unless prompted otherwise). Use people's correct pronouns; if you are unsure, ask "what is your pronoun?" - this is better than assuming and getting it wrong.

Personal boundaries

Please respect personal space and don't touch other people unless you've just had a conversation to establish that both of you agree it's ok. Hugs aren't universally welcome, so please check.


Please don't comment on other individuals' bodies, appearance or dance technique, even if you intend it as a compliment. Please don't invite comparison through comments on your own appearance.

Be kind

Class members are expected to maintain a basic level of respect for one another and not to harass, threaten or abuse other members of the group.

Invoking the policy

If you are on the receiving end of actions that contravene this spirit, feel free to call them out if you feel able to do so, referring to this policy if it helps. Otherwise, please consider bringing it to my attention as soon as we've finished class.

For breaches I'm made aware of, the person causing harm may be asked to self-critique, apologise and make amends, or they may receive an immediate ban. The needs of the person flagging the issue will be sought and centred in consideration of the outcome and its handling.

These guidelines are a work in progress - if you can see room for improvement please either discuss it with me in class, leave some anonymous written feedback in class or get in touch later. Thanks, Helen.